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Download EagleData 0.81

Older versions:

Download EagleData 0.75

Download EagleData 0.26 for OS X (.zip-file)

Download EagleData 0.26 for OS X (.sit-file You need StuffitExpander to unstuff this.)

Download EagleData 0.26 for OS 9


While EagleData is free I am gladly accepting donations to pay for my tools, webspace and programming efforts.

If you want to motivate me to keep EagleData up to date please send some money via PayPal to "".

EagleData faq:


What is EagleData?
What are the system requirements?
Does it cost anything?
Is there a german/french/spanish/whatever version?
Can I view my data on my iPad/iPod?
Is this all the program can do? I am missing ...
Can EagleData store pictures?
Known bugs
Is there no manual?
Are there any demo-databases?
My question is not answered here. Where can I get help?
Why didn´t you answer my mail?
Were did you get that nice icon?
Version history

What is EagleData?

EagleData is a simple but flexible database that I wrote in the last millennium for the good old ATARI. It is useful to file your addresses, catalogue your cd-, games-, or video-collection, etc.. It can even export your data as html-table and print labels.

Ever since I had a Mac I wanted to convert it, but missed the right tool to do so. I made several attempts but to program a user Interface with Codewarrior was just too much work for me. Then REALbasic came along and here it is: EagleData for the Mac. Please download it and tell me what you think about it.


What are the system requirements?

Any Mac that can handle at least OS X.10 should be able to run EagleData.
(I no longer support the OS 9 or pre-Intel versions but you can still download them.)

Does it cost anything?

EagleData is "mailware". You can use it as you like and have to pay nothing for it. If you want to contribute a bit to the cost for hosting and programming a small donation is always welcome (see top of page).
And I am always interested in what EagleData is used for, so if you can spare a minute please write me a short mail and tell me what you do with it.

Is there a german/french/spanish/whatever version?

No. I am writing in english because the majority of users is understanding enough english to use EagleData and since this project is only a hobby I do not have the time to translate it into different languages.

Can I view my data on my iPad/iPod?

Yes you can. While EagleData runs on Mac OS only, Markus Sigg was so kind to write a free viewer app for iOS.
You can read about it on his website or just download the app in the AppStore (it is listed as "EagleData Viewer").

Is this all the program can do? I am missing ...

If you have suggestions for useful features, please feel free to tell me.

Can EagleData store pictures?

No. EaglaData is a "text-only" database. Maybe in the distant future I can find some time to implement picture storage.

It can store links to files though. Just drag a picture/pdf/whatever-file into a textfield and EagleData will store the path to that file. To open the file, click on the fieldtitle.

Caution: this will only work as long as the files stay in the same location and the links will no longer work, if you move those files.

Known bugs:

If you find something else please let me know.

Is there no manual?

I hope the program is easy enough to understand without a manual. Just try it out. However here is a short reference.

Are there any demo-databases?

Bob Eley has created a database for a music library. If that could be useful for you, you can download it here.

A movie database thanks to Alan Scott

If you have created a database that could be useful for others, please mail it to me and I put it on this page.

My question is not answered here. Where can I get help?

Just write a mail to and I try to answer your questions.

Why didn´t you answer my mail?

I answer all the mail that I get. If you do not get an answer, please check your spam-filter and be sure that you let mail from the domain "" pass through. If you still get no answer because either your or my mail got lost somewhere, please mail again and make sure that the subject contains the word "EagleData".

Were did you get those nice icons?

Right here:

Version history:

06.06.2024, V0.81

23.04.2024, V0.8

13.07.2023, V0.75

12.07.2023, V0.74

06.02.2023, V0.73

13.01.2021, V0.72

12.01.2021, V0.71

07.12.2020, V0.7

03.03.2019, V0.64

02.04.2018, V0.63

03.08.2017, V0.62

24.06.2017, V0.61

22.11.2015, V0.6

11.11.2015, V0.59

19.02.2014, V0.58

23.11.2013, V0.57

22.11.2013, V0.56

10.09.2013, V0.54

23.07.2013, V0.53

16.07.2013, V0.52

12.07.2013, V0.51

04.07.2013, V0.5

22.06.2013, V0.44

01.06.2013, V0.43

29.06.2011, V0.42

01.06.2011, V0.41

08.02.2011, V0.4

30.01.2011, V0.39

28.06.2010, V0.38

03.08.2009, V0.37

29.07.2009, V0.36

09.12.2008, V0.35

27.10.2008, V0.34

12.05.2008, V0.33

01.05.2008, V0.32

30.04.2008, V0.31

23.04.2008, V0.3

12.04.2008, V0.3 Alpha

10.04.2007, V0.27

12.02.2005, V0.26

18.7.2003, V0.25

7.12.2002, V0.24 (Carbon Version)

30.6.2002, V0.23

3.10.2001, V0.22

13.8.2001, V0.21

8.8.2000, V0.2

21.7.2000, V0.19

15.4.2000, V0.17

13.3.2000, V0.16

5.2.2000, V0.15

26.1.2000, V0.14

14.12.99, V0.13

9.11.99, V0.12


19.7.99, V0.1


19.5.99, V0.08

9.5.99, V0.07

31.3.99, V0.06

27.3.99, V0.05

19.3.99, V0.04

15.3.99, V0.03

11.3.99, V0.02

8.3.99, V0.01

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