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Small projects by EagleSoft:

Here are some utilities I wrote because I needed them and did not want to buy them. Feel free to use them if you find them helpful.


is a drag & drop application to convert textfiles with special characters (ä, ß, etc) into the correct html-equivalent.
You can drop dos or mac files on it and the converter tries to find the right encoding.
If you use it and find characters that it does not convert, please tell me which characters and I will add them.

Download EagleConverter (OS 9) (376 kb)


Sometimes I am working at several projects at once and want to keep track of how many time goes into each project. I did not want to couple the timer with the start of a specific application (like other timers out there) because sometimes that application is running while I am working on another project (telephoning or something). So you have to switch manually between projects. (This is a feature ;-)
In case you forget switching, you can correct the time later.
If you need a version with more projects, just let me know.

Download EagleTimer 0.4 (OS 9) (256 kb)

Download EagleTimer 0.5 (OS X) (916 kb)